I first heard of Gregory from a letter I got in the mail. I consulted him about my case and what he thought my possible options were. He made it really clear what the costs were and what tasks I had to do before my case. He said that he could dismiss my case if I followed his instructions and that was exactly what he was able to do. I am extremely happy with the outcome and the way we conducted business. I would definitely recommend him again!

I originally had a different attorney but he was activated back to active duty. Mr. Hough answered all my questions and always answered my emails or Returned my phone calls in a timely manner. He dropped my wreckless driving ticket to a speeding infraction. I would recommend Mr. Hough.

I want to say I am extremely happy with the service provided by Mr. Hough. He had taken over my case as favor to attorney Matt Pinsker, who was my original attorney but was unable to continue due to his own personal situation. Mr. Hough was pleasant and calm as I was a nervous wreck and he sat with prosecutor and then came to tell me they were dismissing felony charge and misdemeanor charges regarding filling out a gun application incorrectly. Serious charges that prosecutor could not prove and they could not show evidence that Mr. Hough asked for. I was sooooo happy as I have never been in trouble with law in 44 years and this was a simple mistake I made that could have cost me everything! I dont know what he and Mr. Pinksker did but I am thankful to them and to the prosecutor for agreeing to not go forward. I’ve read cases where some prosecutors still pursue no matter what and some defense attorneys are quick to plea deal, but not these guys. Highly recommend Mr. Hough and Mr. Pinsker. I will also be hiring Mr. Houghs wife, who is an attorney, to help me restore my gun rights. Great job!!! Thank you all!!!

Mr. Hough was excellent. He promptly answered all my questions, and gave me excellent advice which I followed to the letter. In court, I got to witness Mr. Hough as he administered several other cases before mine. In each case he spoke calmly while he presented each person’s situation to the judge and in each case was able to obtain reduced charges and very reasonable results. In my case, I could not be happier with the outcome. I strongly recommend Mr. Hough to anyone who received a speeding ticket or other violation.

Greg led me through the court process, went to court for me, had me attend traffic school (I did an online course) and got my case dismissed. While everyone might not be so lucky, Greg will give you the best possible chance for success.

After getting a reckless driver citation around Richmond I received something like 20 solicitations. After narrowing them down to a few I found Gregory Hough to have the experience I was looking for and the fact he was local made him very appealing. When comparing prices to others who were as high as $1500, it became clear that I needed to feel comfortable with my representation. The higher priced attorney’s never talked me but was had me handled by Legal assistants. I am not saying that they cannot gather the base information but speaking to Greg made a difference and when he quoted his price I was sold. They provided clear instructions and were very responsive. He did not offer a free pass but instead was calming and explained what I could expect. After concluding the steps outlined, they represented me without me having to travel back, another blessing. I had an 89 in a 65 and that was a big ticket. That morning I got the great news that I had been found not guilty. Better news than I expected. Great job, so hire him.

I managed to pick up a speeding ticket in Hopewell County ( Virginia) whilst on vacation from the UK . Being of very good character and not having been in any trouble in my 54 years I was extremely concerned that my offence was in fact Considered criminal in Virginia ! The whole process was explained in detail and I was kept updated throughout the whole process ! A favourable outcome was achieved . I would like to thank the whole team for their help and although this may seem odd thank the law enforcement of hopewell county for being courteous to me !

Atty. Hough did a an excellent performance in representing me on
my behalf for a wreck less driving violation and I received the minimum about in fines, plus the court fees and his flat rate was
a reasonable amount as far as I was concern. Being out of state, it
was most important that I found an attorney that I felt would represent me fairly and would do the best he could. Residing far
away in Mass. I had received 11 different letters from attorney’s
in the Henrico, Va. area wanting to represent me and most of them use that scare tactic in their letter by saying, you can be fined up to $2500. or serve 12 months in jail. Atty. Hough’s letter
was nothing like that and was properly and professionally written as far as I was concern. So I checked him out on google to see
his expertise and education etc. and was satisfied and then contacted him by phone from Mass. and I explained my situation to him and was impressed with him during our conversation and he told me his flat rate etc. and I hired him and was satisfied.

I retained Gregory Hough to represent my son with a speeding ticket he received in Prince George County, Virginia. Mr. Hough and his office were efficient and responsive, the fees were reasonable, and we were very pleased with the outcome. We live out of state, and my son is in college. Mr. Hough was able to handle the matter for us without the need for us to appear in Virginia. I would definitely recommend Mr. Hough if you need an attorney’s assistance with traffic matters in southern Virginia.

I used Gregory for a reckless driving ticket I received in VA. I am an out of state driver that was here in business. He took a potentially bad experience and was extremely helpful with consulting me on following all the steps that would benefit me at the end. His communication and thourough nature was a relief. At the end, I received a fine. Great firm and support staff (Jess) was impeccable.
Thank you