Very clean and proper process

After getting a reckless driver citation around Richmond I received something like 20 solicitations. After narrowing them down to a few I found Gregory Hough to have the experience I was looking for and the fact he was local made him very appealing. When comparing prices to others who were as high as $1500, it became clear that I needed to feel comfortable with my representation. The higher priced attorney’s never talked me but was had me handled by Legal assistants. I am not saying that they cannot gather the base information but speaking to Greg made a difference and when he quoted his price I was sold. They provided clear instructions and were very responsive. He did not offer a free pass but instead was calming and explained what I could expect. After concluding the steps outlined, they represented me without me having to travel back, another blessing. I had an 89 in a 65 and that was a big ticket. That morning I got the great news that I had been found not guilty. Better news than I expected. Great job, so hire him.