I was highly satisfied with BersteinHough Law Firm, they managed to get my reckless driving case dismissed without having to pay any court fines or fees. They make sure you know what you need to do for your case and they are always very helpful if you need to ask questions, very reliable and I recommend them to anyone who is dealing with a reckless driving case or driving infractions. Great people!

Having been represented by this law firm was the best decision I could have made. A misdemeanor traffic charge was reduced to a simple infraction, and another charge was completely dismissed. As a young man who very expensive insurance already, this was very important to me. Great work and much appreciated.
Seth H.

I got a major traffic ticket in Virginia on Interstate 295 bypass on my motorcycle by a local sheriff. I did not know who to contact so i am glad I contacted the firm. They we attentive and responsive and guided me through the process. Subsequently, I avoided a huge penalty, fine, and possible jail time because of Gregory representation.

I found Mr. Hough through the letters you get after you get the reckless driving misdemeanor charge in Virginia. He answered my call, answered all my questions and advised me to take the driving course ahead of the hearing to improve my chances. He was the only lawyer who suggested doing the course proactively instead of waiting to be sentenced to it and I appreciated that. His price was comparable to the others I called, but his advice was better. Mr. Hough got my ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, avoiding the misdemeanor and the points. Best possible outcome overall. His office also stayed in touch with me the whole time.

When I faced a charge of Reckless Driving, I initially considered going into court without an attorney. After talking to friends, and researching the issues online, I decided I would be better off hiring representation, and was led to Mr. Hough on the recommendation of another attorney/friend of mine.

From the initial consultation, the people at BernsteinHough impressed me with their reassuring competence and warmth. They gathered information, suggested I take certain steps to help my own case (Defensive Driving class, letters of support from associates) and assembled an appropriate file to bring to the hearing. Each encounter I had along the way, either with attorneys or staff members, was consistently professional, but also personalized and friendly.

I had hoped going in that Mr. Hough would be able to help get my charge reduced, saving me additional embarrassment along with heavy fines and future insurance costs. My case was ultimately dismissed, which was of course the best possible outcome. It’s rare that what happens is beyond what is either expected or promised, and I very much appreciate the efforts of Mr. Hough and his entire staff. I recommend BernsteinHough without hesitation.

Greg Hough took on my case without hesitation. He provided me a a great consultation over the phone with no fee attached and was extremely helpful. I spoke with multiple lawyers including Greg, but he was the only one that immediately made me feel comfortable and very well-informed, as he explained everything in great detail, and gave me all options up front and in simple terms. Greg and his office stayed in constant communication with me throughout the process and helped me through the time and responsibilities that I needed to complete, leading up to my trial. After being charged with a Reckless Driving Misdemeanor, Greg appeared in court on my behalf and helped get my charge reduced to an improper driving traffic violation. I am extremely grateful for Greg and his law office for helping me as an out-of-state driver who had not previously encountered a charge like this. He made me feel in control of the situation, and confirmed that he was the right choice of attorney by following through and getting me the results that we had set as our goal. Thank you!

I want to give a very special thanks to attorney Gregory Ray Hough for doing everything he did to get my charges dropped. I was almost charged with a misdemeanor by a serious traffic violation. I never even had to appear in court because he took care of everything. When I found out everything was dismissed I shouted out in joy. Second chances are amazing. Thanks again Mr. Hough, I’ll keep you in mind if my friends and family need you again !!

Mr. Hough represented me for a reckless driving ticket in Caroline County VA, I lived out of state. I was very pleased that he was able to get my charge from a class 1 misdemeanor to a simple driving infraction. He and his team were always pleasant and answered and questions I had in a timely manor.

I’m glad I hired Mr. Hough to represent my case. Our conversation was clear and understanding. Their team was really friendly and they answered all my questions in a timely manner. I’ve got a reckless driving ticket which was reduced just to regular ticket with no points. I’m really satisfied with the results.

I first heard of Gregory from a letter I got in the mail. I consulted him about my case and what he thought my possible options were. He made it really clear what the costs were and what tasks I had to do before my case. He said that he could dismiss my case if I followed his instructions and that was exactly what he was able to do. I am extremely happy with the outcome and the way we conducted business. I would definitely recommend him again!