So, the red and blue lights finally caught up to you! We can all find ourselves in a compromising situation, and DUIs are pretty standard. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty; the cops only react to what they observe and their training. It isn’t personal, so remember, staying calm is crucial in this situation. Call a lawyer and let them handle the rest.

So, You’ve Been Arrested!

Being arrested is no picnic. Just being detained for whatever reason can ruin your day. You may miss work, and it can be embarrassing. Perhaps you have had too much to drink and shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel. The police are correct to pull you over. But how it all plays out depends on what you do. Or, more to the point, what you don’t do. It isn’t the end of the world. A lawyer will be your strongest support in this situation but there are some things not to do.

Don’t Argue with an Officer

In most cases, the police are professional and do their job well. When they pull you over, it isn’t personal. Instead, it is because they have observed something they deem to be illegal. When they approach and ask you for your license, remain calm. Above all, remember, DO NOT argue with a police officer. It’s important to be cautious and not say anything that could be used against you. Cops will inform you of your right to remain silent. That is pretty solid advice in this case!

Don’t Admit to Anything

You will be asked if you have been drinking when a police officer pulls you over for a suspected DUI. Under no circumstances answer this question. Admission of wrongdoing will go against you in court. Whether you realize it or not, an admission of guilt will hurt your case. You do not have to answer the officer’s questions when asked about drinking. The police won’t like this. But you have the right to remain silent as they go about their business. So keep as quiet as possible.

Don’t Engage More than Needed

You have the right to remain silent when arrested for a DUI. But any DUI lawyer will tell you that it is best to engage on a minimal level. This means only answering when necessary, such as to confirm your name. After a DUI arrest, it is best to engage the police in the following manner:

  • Stay respectful and courteous, but only answer yes and no to basic questions.
  • Look straight ahead after being pulled over and provide your documents.
  • Face downwards at the ground if an officer removes you from the car.
  • Provide officers with your name only and refuse to answer anything else.
  • Politely request that you be able to call an attorney; and call one!

You will need to engage with the police when arrested for a DUI. But keep this to a minimum. Answer yes and no questions only and never volunteer information. The more you speak, the greater the chance of incriminating yourself. Stay calm and polite while waiting for a DUI lawyer.

Don’t Take the Field Sobriety Test

Most people don’t know this, but taking the roadside sobriety test is optional. The police cannot force you to take this test.

Even if you are sober, this test can be hard to pass. When asked to take it, politely decline and request that you call your attorney. The field sobriety test isn’t a scientifically accurate measure of intoxication and is passed or failed based on opinion. So it could go against you if taken, even if you are not drunk!

Don’t Be a Roadside Lawyer

Unless you actually are a lawyer, there is no point trying to argue a legal case with the cops. Almost all cops are legally trained and will beat you when trying to play Quincy at the roadside! But even if you are a lawyer, you need a trained DUI lawyer to help you out of this situation. When trying to dispute your charges alone, there’s a good chance you will incriminate yourself. So, keep quiet and be polite to the officers. In the meantime, wait for your lawyer to arrive.

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You will need a trusted and experienced DUI lawyer when you are arrested for this offense. Whether you are guilty or innocent, one wrong move can make the situation worse. Please get in touch with us here at BernsteinHough, P.C. if you find yourself in this very sticky situation.

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