A great choice!

Greg Hough took on my case without hesitation. He provided me a a great consultation over the phone with no fee attached and was extremely helpful. I spoke with multiple lawyers including Greg, but he was the only one that immediately made me feel comfortable and very well-informed, as he explained everything in great detail, and gave me all options up front and in simple terms. Greg and his office stayed in constant communication with me throughout the process and helped me through the time and responsibilities that I needed to complete, leading up to my trial. After being charged with a Reckless Driving Misdemeanor, Greg appeared in court on my behalf and helped get my charge reduced to an improper driving traffic violation. I am extremely grateful for Greg and his law office for helping me as an out-of-state driver who had not previously encountered a charge like this. He made me feel in control of the situation, and confirmed that he was the right choice of attorney by following through and getting me the results that we had set as our goal. Thank you!