Felony and Misdemeanor Charge Dismissed!!

I want to say I am extremely happy with the service provided by Mr. Hough. He had taken over my case as favor to attorney Matt Pinsker, who was my original attorney but was unable to continue due to his own personal situation. Mr. Hough was pleasant and calm as I was a nervous wreck and he sat with prosecutor and then came to tell me they were dismissing felony charge and misdemeanor charges regarding filling out a gun application incorrectly. Serious charges that prosecutor could not prove and they could not show evidence that Mr. Hough asked for. I was sooooo happy as I have never been in trouble with law in 44 years and this was a simple mistake I made that could have cost me everything! I dont know what he and Mr. Pinksker did but I am thankful to them and to the prosecutor for agreeing to not go forward. I’ve read cases where some prosecutors still pursue no matter what and some defense attorneys are quick to plea deal, but not these guys. Highly recommend Mr. Hough and Mr. Pinsker. I will also be hiring Mr. Houghs wife, who is an attorney, to help me restore my gun rights. Great job!!! Thank you all!!!