Atty. Hough did a an excellent performance in representing me on
my behalf for a wreck less driving violation and I received the minimum about in fines, plus the court fees and his flat rate was
a reasonable amount as far as I was concern. Being out of state, it
was most important that I found an attorney that I felt would represent me fairly and would do the best he could. Residing far
away in Mass. I had received 11 different letters from attorney’s
in the Henrico, Va. area wanting to represent me and most of them use that scare tactic in their letter by saying, you can be fined up to $2500. or serve 12 months in jail. Atty. Hough’s letter
was nothing like that and was properly and professionally written as far as I was concern. So I checked him out on google to see
his expertise and education etc. and was satisfied and then contacted him by phone from Mass. and I explained my situation to him and was impressed with him during our conversation and he told me his flat rate etc. and I hired him and was satisfied.