RPD Officer Ticketed Me For A Wreckless Driving Charge

I was on my way off the Highway and failed to obey the No Left Turn traffic sign. Attempted to cross over and an oncoming car from out of nowhere ended up hitting my Vehicle in the rear-end, which resulted in an accident. The passenger in the other car stated that they were Okay. The RPD Officer wrote me up for Wreckless Driving which could have resulted to 1 year in jail and a Class 5 Misdemeanor. I have a clean Driving record and Background. I contacted Attorney Paula Bernstein-Hough via email on the weekend and She contacted me on the same weekend. She was recommended by my Sister. I gave her my background as a 13 year Marine Corp Veteran-Owner of a small business and have worked in the Security industry for years. Attorney Paula Bernstein-Hough advised me accordingly in going to Driving School. She stated that she was going for a Dismissal or getting the Ticket charge dropped to failure to Obey the Traffic Sign as a first time offender, being that I have a clean Driving record. She also stated that I wouldn’t have to appear in Court due to She would represent me. I received an email on the appointed Court date and case was Dismissed, only had to pay Court costs and Attorney fees of course. I just wanted to say that if you’re in need of Traffic Attorney Services this Attorney her Team are 5 Stars Plus.

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