My son referred me to

My son referred me to Paula to help with a reckless driving charge. I live out of state and knew I would need a lawyer. Paula responded promptly to all my emails. She gave me a list of recommendations, such as attending an online driving course and included all the pertinent links. I did what she suggested and the charges were dropped. I felt as though I was in expert hands from the very start which was wonderful as I would have spent 3 months stressing otherwise. I highly recommend her.

Fantastic Representation!

I retained BernsteinHough to represent my mother on a reckless driving ticket. They could not have gotten a better result. They maintained communication so we knew just what to expect. They were also able to resolve the matter without my mother (who lives out of state) having to appear in court. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of their representation.

Excellent communication and result

Great communication and information about the process. Called me back quickly after first contact online and took everything from there. Didn’t need to show up to court, and everything went according to expectations. Very happy

Excellent attorney!

I contacted Paula to help my daughter with a reckless driving ticket. From the first contact she eased my fears and guided us in every step. She is very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. She explained all the possible outcomes and how we would handle each one. In the end she after she presented everything she was able to have it dismissed. Hopefully I never need an attorney again but I will definitely use her. I 100% trust her.

Professional, effective, and very kind!

Paula was wonderful, I would recommend her to anyone who needs representation for traffic related legal matters. She was always easy to get in touch with, incredibly fast to respond to any questions, and very friendly. She made a potentially very stressful situation much easier to deal with based on her friendly demeanor and knowledge. She got my case totally dismissed with no fines or court costs. She is worth her fees 10x over!

Speeding Ticket

I am very pleased with the results of my case. I was originally cited for speeding 74/55. Ms. Paula Hough was very easy to talk to and exceeded my expectations. My citation was reduced to a non moving violation. I would highly recommend being represented by this law firm! Everything was first class and professional. I’d give 6 out of 5 stars if I could!


Case dismissed! Should be all that needs to be said. However that wouldn’t be fair to Ms. Hough. I was recently was charged with a Class # 3 felony and was looking at 20 years in prison. Wow talk about being worried. This lady lawyer can smell B.S. like a shark smells blood. She wasn’t having it either. She stood up like a Boss to the bogus charge and took on the powerful establishment and had all charges dismissed. Case Closed. Now that what I call results. Ms. Hough exceeded all my expectations and I’m sure she can do the same for you. Thank you Ms. Hough!

No surprises, except a good one

Awesome! I was very satisfied. A court of law is an intimidating place as you all know. Glad that my case was handled with minimal effort! Would definitely recommend.

Very good Lawyer

Paula is an extremely helpful and fantastic lawyer. I have a poor driving record and was going 87 in a 75 in Hanover, VA. I got a reckless driving and Paula was able to bump my Reckless Driving (a Class 1 Misdemeanor) to Improper Driving (a traffic infraction). I know have to pay a small fine and court fee’s thank you so much Paula!

Smooth Process

Ms. Bernstein and staff were amazing with my fiance’s Reckless driving charge due to medical illness. She got the charges dismissed and my fiancé didn’t even have to show up in court. Communication with Ms. Bernstein and her staff was easy and their response to every email or phone call was always immediate. They made this process stress-free and we felt like we were in excellent hands from the beginning. I do recommend this firm to anyone who needs a traffic offense lawyer.