Excellent legal representation

I couldn’t have asked for a better defense for my daughter’s case. She was facing a felony grand larceny charge in a county that harshly penalizes for theft and I wanted an attorney who cared enough about my teenage daughter to fight for her future. I needed an attorney to not only look at the charge, but see my daughter’s character and grasp the type of person she was. Attorney Paula Bernstein Hough did just that. She took the time to talk to my daughter and she saw qualities in her that did not correlate with the event that took place. Attorney Hough offered specific suggestions to my daughter (counseling, community service, etc.) and communicated to her “you need to care about this more than me and your mom do.” My daughter accepted those suggestions and went above and beyond to do what she needed to do to exhibit her true character regardless of what the legal outcome would be. The original deal on the table was a misdemeanor petit larceny conviction with jail time and community service. Attorney Hough believed in my daughter, stood by my daughter and fought for her reputation and to give her a second chance to live her life without a felony or misdemeanor conviction hanging over her head. She could see that my daughter made a terrible mistake and the illegal action displayed was out of character from the person she represented. Somehow attorney Hough was able to encourage the prosecuting attorney, who had never met my daughter, to believe in her as well. With a grand larceny charge over her head, my daughter ended up with one hell of a deal. She would go to court on Thursday, revoke her bond, go to jail, be back in court on Monday, and all charges would be dismissed. It was an exceptional deal that was accepted by us all. No one wanted her to go to jail but she understood that there had to be a consequence to her actions. In the end, attorney Hough changed my daughter’s life and I couldn’t thank her enough!! She gave my daughter a second chance to redeem herself and she looks forward to her future. I would recommend attorney Paula Bernstein Hough’s service to anyone and everyone in need of legal representation.