Calls to Make When Charged with a Criminal Offense

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Getting charged with a criminal offense is, by far, one of the most stressful experiences that you will encounter in your life. Even if you know that you are innocent on all accounts, you’re still looking at a long process to clear your name and return to normality. You might be wondering whether there are any steps that you can take to improve the situation. Well, it’s all about contacting the right people and doing so as quickly as possible.

If you take immediate action, you can ensure that you have:

  • Plenty of time to plan your defense
  • Peace of mind that you have trusted support
  • Protection from any further issues

So, who should you contact first?

Call One: Your Attorney

While you might want to call your family, your boss, or even a mental health professional, the first point of call should always be your attorney. This is important for a few reasons. First, the law is not designed to be understood by the average lay person. Second, you’re more likely to gain a favorable result in court with an attorney and finally, avoiding legal representation doesn’t make you look any less guilty.

To find the right attorney, make sure you research law firms and lawyers who have experience related to the criminal offense you were charged with. You should also look at reviews and rely on referrals from people you know.

When you speak with your attorney, make sure that you tell them exactly what has happened and why. Give them all the facts, leave nothing out. Remember, they must keep anything you say confidential and by providing them with all the facts, they can plan the right defense.

Call Two: Family Or Close Friends

As mentioned, being charged with a criminal offense is stressful. It could impact your mental health and your general wellbeing. So, you need a support system in place. It’s important to keep your loved ones informed of what’s happening so that they can continue to be there for you. Your situation could also change rapidly and you need to keep your family or friends aware of any new developments. They may even need to provide support with your bail bond. Your bail could be set at a higher amount than you’ll be able to manage yourself.

Don’t forget, your family or friends will help you remain calm and in the right frame of mind for the challenge that lies ahead. They can help you stay positive and look to the future once this is all over.

Call Three: Your Employer

Why is it important to call your employer? If you are charged with a criminal offense, your employer can fire you or ask for your resignation. It’s possible that this is seen as a breach of conduct and damaging to the reputation of the brand.

You may also want to discuss taking time off, both during and after the trial. If you are innocent, you should explain this to your employer and work with them to resolve any work-related issues that may arise from your case.

Call Four: Mental Health Professional

Again, criminal charges will impact your mental health, regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty. Speaking to a mental health professional can help you manage your mental health and improve your well-being. They may suggest you explore a few different coping options including:

You might be wondering why you should contact a mental health professional. It’s possible that you aren’t aware of how much being charged with a criminal offense is impacting your mental health. There could be issues that are buried under the surface that you need to tackle head on.

Call The Right Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyers To Assist You

As you can see, there are a few different calls that you will need to make if you have been charged with a criminal offense. Making the right calls will help protect your well-being and provide you with a chance of fighting the charges against you. When you are arrested, you might panic and struggle to understand what you should do. It’s important to stay calm, managing and regulating your breathing as much as possible.

Remember, the most important phone call is always going to be to the right lawyer who can assist you during this difficult time. Get in touch with our trusted criminal defense lawyers here at Bernstein Hough, P.C to ensure that you receive the right legal support from day one.

Contact our team now to learn more.

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